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Company Name CoreStaff Co.,Ltd.
Date of foundation December 2000
Capital 100 million Yen
Accounts closure Annually in March
Representative President      Masaki Tozawa
URL https://www.zaikostore.com/
Head office 5F, KDX takadanobaba Bldg, 3-14-29 Takata, Toshima-ku, Tokyo   171-0033
Tel :+81-3-5954-1360
Fax :+81-3-5954-1363
Kansai branch 2F ORIX Yodoyabashi Bld,3-5-22,Kitahama,Chuo-Ku,Osaka,541-0041,Japan
Tel :+81-6-7777-9145
Fax :+81-6-6208-5515
Nagano office 22-4 Nagatoro, Saku-city, Nagano, 385-0021
Tel :+81-267-67-7669
Fax :+81-267-67-7663
Nagano warehouse 22-4 Nagatoro, Saku-city, Nagano 385-0021
Tel :+81-267-67-7660
Fax :+81-267-67-7663
Sendai branch 15F Sumitomo Seimei Sendai Chuo Bldg,4-6-1, Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, 980-6015
Tel :+81-22-722-2164
Fax :+81-22-722-2165
Yokohama branch 7F Meiji Yasuda Seimei Yokohama Nishiguchi Bldg,3-30-4, tsuruya-cho, kanagawa-ku, yokohama-shi, kanagawa,221-0835
Tel :+81-45-311-7861
Fax :+81-45-311-7862
Fukuoka branch 3F MinamiTenjin Building, 5-14-12 Watanabe Dori, Chuo-Ku, Fukushima, 810-0004
Tel :+81-92-687-6461
Fax :+81-92-687-6401
Toyama branch 2F Denki Building Honkan, 3-1 Sakurabashi Dori, Toyama, 930-0004
Tel :+81-76-486-8099
Fax :+81-76-486-8101
Subsidiary company
CoreStaff Hong Kong Limited
FlaB1,25/F, TML Tower , 3 Hoi shing Road, Tsuen Wan, NT, Hong Kong
Tel :+852-2730-5868
Fax :+852-2730-5878
Subsidiary company
CoreStaff America Inc.
111 W. St. John Street, STE515, San Jose, CA 95113, USA
Tel :+1-408-606-2609
Fax :+1-408-606-2835

- Import, export and sale of semiconductors, integrated circuits and other electronic parts
- Sales representation for semiconductors and electronic parts in surplus stock
- Comprehensive contract production, ranging from EMS (electronic manufacturing services) development and design to parts procurement, manufacturing and inspection

"We will continue to serve as the core of our customers' production activities."

It would be difficult to respond to today's diversifying and complicated market armed with only a unilateral perspective. We believe that we need to offer our customers new opportunities by incorporating their requests into products and by adding extra value. Our ideal trading company would constantly stand some steps ahead of customers, fully understanding market needs so that it could bolster the competitiveness of its customers without interruption. It would be capable of making proposals that cover the challenges that customers should address at the moment, the overall cost of production, speed, sales and support after production and of carrying them out. We start by entering into comprehensive discussions with customers until both of us are satisfied. This enables us to join with our customers in taking on the challenge together in the global market.

"We will continue to be a significant player in the community."

We understand that, as we run a business, we need to produce value that is sufficient for our presence to be recognized by society. In the eyes of the community, we must constantly strive to improve, and the community monitors us closely to determine if we can meet this demand. Just because we can satisfy the community's needs today, it does not necessarily mean that we shall be able to do so tomorrow. The details and level of what we are required to do changes a light speed, and present significant challenges for us. To succeed in the years to come, we need to take on these challenges with unswerving courage. We will continue to innovate with a new commitment to success in the coming era.

"We will continue to help our employees to develop their creativity."

Employees form individual elements of the company, which must be a place that allows each of them to work towards their ambitions without anxiety, no matter how high those ambitions might be. If a group is rigid, it will not innovate. Our goal is to provide employees with the opportunity to strive to achieve their dreams of the future instead of looking back on the past. We rely on the positive energy of our staff to drive the company forward. That said, we think it is essential that we do our jobs properly. Words are meaningless without that commitment. We all keep this in mind as we go about our work. We invite you to test the strength of our commitment. It would give you pleasure if you could see how we work. You will surely see our new potential.

Dec-00 CoreStaff established as a limited liability company
Mar-02 Capital increased to 6 million yen
Jun-02 Head office relocated to Murayama Bldg., 3-9-7 Takata, Toshima-ku
Jan-03 Capital increased to 10 million yen
Reorganized into a stock company
Jul-03 Head office relocated to Meisun Bldg., 3-23-3 Takata, Toshima-ku
Nov-04 Head office relocated to 2F, Grace Bldg., 3-14-29 Takata, Toshima-ku
Jul-05 Capital increased to 40 million yen
Aug-06 Kansai branch establishment
Jan-07 Capital increased to 100 million yen
Jun-07 Concluded as an authorised distributor agreement with Atmark Techno,Inc.
Jul-07 Nagano distribution center completion
Sep-08 Nagano distribution center completion
Sep-09 Concluded as an authorised distributor agreement with Murata Power Solutions
2010 IC tester introduction
Apr-11 “Franchised stock” service started - All items are available from one piece -
Spt-11 Trading with ROHM Co., Ltd. started
Dec-11 Trading with HIROSE ELECTRIC CO., LTD. started
Feb-12 Kansai branch relocated
Jan-13 Subsidiary company ”CoreStaff Hong Kong Limited.” establishment in Hong Kong