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Our company, Core Staff Co., Ltd, always focus on coping with high consciousness in order to improve quality of the part
We stop delivering any products that quality level are low by our incoming inspection, mainly coming from open market, and there cannot be delivered to our client.

【Inspection equipment】

X-ray inspection

X-ray inspection
(Matsusada Precision uB1000)

Micro-Scope 245 magnifications

Micro-Scope 245 magnifications
(Keyence :VH-5000)


An automatic X-ray checking reel device
Its own project, manufacturing, and sales


Inspection Points Countermeasures
1. all items  
Different parts (part number difference) Verify part number by eyes
Ex. Bending pins, oxidization

Normal goods

Oxidized goods

2. parts from open market  
Checking used items (pulled or refurbished)

Inspecting by Micro-Scope



Checking whether items have been written or not (put into socket or not) Inspecting by Micro-Scope

* Blanck check if required



Checking whether items are fake or not

Inspecting by Micro-Scope * Checking markings, surface of the package



Inspecting by X-Ray compared with original samples
* Checking corechip, wire bonding, pattern of wire, structure of the item






Rank A Authorised Distributors and 2nd Dealers
Rank B Companies stock, that are not authorised distributors. Companis have had business relationship with us more than 2 years, and there are no problem happened so far, and trustful
Rank C Brokers
Stock is coming from companies, however, we haven't had business relationship less than 2 years

Warranty of quality

1. in stock We offer a 60 day warranty for all parts
2. Items from open market Based on supplier's warranty

※ However, the warranty will only cover the price of the purchased product, not including shipping, testing, or any other fees.

Facility of Incoming Inspection

  1. 「FAKE BLOCKER」An automatic X-ray checking reel device
  2. X-Ray(Matsusada Precision uB1000)
  3. Micro-Scope 245 magnifications(Keyence VH-5000)
  4. Vaccumed Packing Machine
  5. Precision Digital Scale
  6. Chip counters
  7. Static Electricity Removal Device