VPN Router Board


Products for Embedded Use: VPN Router Board



・Board product allowing easy installation to a device inside.

・The same performance & software specification as RTX830 that enables to work with other Yamaha network devices.

・VPN connection with Yamaha router

NetVolante DNS service which provides Dynamic DNS

・USB mobile modems (Ref. Supported Modems)*Available in Japanese Site

・Cooperation with Yamaha switch/wireless access point

・Support Customized GUI

・Support Lua Script

・Potential to build own brand products by integrating the router board.

・Build security products by integrating security board

・Embed high-speed router functions into various BOX products

・GUI modification (e.g., Remove/replace Yamaha logo, hide some menu, etc.) provided depending on quantity and terms

Product information on Giga Access VPN Router RTX830*Available in Japanese Site

Use Case: Embed in Industrial Equipment

Embed Router in Industrial Equipment

・Space-saving by a built-in device

・Visualize device connection status with LAN Map

Use case: Own Brand Router

Potential to Build Own Brand Products by Integrating the Router Board

・Build security products by integrating security board

・Embed high-speed router functions


Dynamic DNS Service that Continuously Create Site-to-Site VPN with Dynamic Global IP Address

・Yamaha unique dynamic DNS service (free of charge)

・VPN connection and branch management using a dynamic IP address

NetVolante DNS Service

Potential to Prepare Own GUI for Router Configuration, and Provide Unique GUI to User with Customized GUI

・Display your own HTML file using HTTP server function on the router

・Save HTML file in router's built-in flash, ROM(RTFS), or microSD/USB memory

・Change display of HTML file for each user ID

・Enable to set router configuration by inputting information into the GUI which user created (Support router setting using HTTP)

* Flexible to create GUI by user

* Remove or replace Yamaha logo as required

Information on customized GUI

Enable to Run Lua Scripts and Control Router

・Provide function which is not supported by existing command combination

・Flexible combination of trigger condition

e.g.) If the CPU load exceeds 60%, and the number of NAT entry exceeds 8000 in the table

・Flexible defining operation at trigger detection

e.g.) Shorten NAT timer and restrict service with IP filter

Information on Lua script function

What Is Lua Script?

・Lua scripting language that is conscious of being embedded in other programs

・Procedural programming, dynamic typing, and its syntax is similar to BASIC

・Numerous installation cases, and plentiful performance (e.g., SimCity 4, World of Warcraft, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Wireshark)

Information on Lua Script

Flexible Customization On-Board by Executing Lua Script on Router

・Flexible customization by user

"If ----- occur, then execute -----"

・Flexible customization on communication packets

"Send operation status to third-party's service"

"Receive commands from third-party's service and change setting"

・Aggregate and analyze the communication status of multiple branches by combining scripts on IoT platform

・Change router setting when detecting or predicting problems

Easy Implementation of Original Functions with Lua Script Programming


LAN port 4-port L2 switching hub (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T, Straight/Cross auto-distinction)
WAN port 1 port (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T, Straight/Cross auto-distinction)
microSD slot 1 slot (SDHC support)
USB port 1port (USB 2.0 Type-A, Feed current (Max.) 500 mA, Available with USB memory/USB Mobile modem)
Console port (for configuration) 2 ports (RJ-45, USB Mini-B (5 pin), 9,600/19,200/38,400/57,600/115,200 bit/s)
Flash ROM 32MB (1 firmware, 5 configurations with history function)
LAN switching function Port separation, LAN segmentation (Port base VLAN), Port mirroring
Number of PPPoE sessions 5
Throughput Up to 2Gbps
Psec throughput Up to 1Gbps
Number of VPN zones (PPTP) 4
Number of VPN zones (IPsec) 20
Number of VPN zones (Maximum configurable number) 20
Address conversion function (NAT descriptor function) NAT, IP masquerade, Static NAT, Static IP masquerade, DMZ host function, PPTP
pass-through (multiple sessions),IPsec pass-through (1 session), FTP, Traceroute, Ping, SIP-NAT,
Session limit function for IP masquerade conversion, Port saving IP masquerade
Number of dynamic filter sessions 65,534
Firewall function (IDS: IPv4 unauthorized access detection) Applied to IN/OUT on the LAN side/WAN side, IP header, IP option header,
Detect 41 types of unauthorized access in categories such as ICMP/UDP/TCP/FTP,
Mail notification function for unauthorized access detection
Management protocol SNMP(v1、v2c、v3)
Program management Multiple configurations (history function), Revision up from DOWNLOAD button/Web
GUI/TFTP/SFTP/SCP/external memory (microSD, USB memory), Preferential start-up of
firmware saved in external memory (microSD, USB memory)
Logging function Store in memory, Output as SYSLOG, Output to external memory (microSD, USB memory)
(encryption function available), Log saving when the power is off (Power off log saving function),
Reboot log saving function
Logging up to 10,000 lines
Setting method Console, TELNET server (multiple), TELNET client, SSH server (multiple), SSH client, Web
GUI (with customized GUI), Setting via external memory (microSD, USB memory),
Download/upload with TFTP/SFTP/SCP, Remote setup via Data Connect
Operating environment Temperature 0 to 50 degree Celsius, Humidity 15 to 80% RH (no condensation)
Input power supply DC 5.1 V (5.0 V when not use USB)
Maximum current consumption 1.8A
(excluding cables and connectors)
210(W)× 26.8(H)× 94(D)mm